Recruitment and Accounting Solutions Ltd. is a nationwide staffing company providing thousands of Americans who crave for jobs with solid and reliable employment opportunities each month. We serve as an intermediate in the world of job opportunities trying to bring the best company and the best candidate together at one place. Therefore our key objective is to streamline both the employment and recruitment processes, as well as to facilitate the search and screening procedures, letting you get down straight to business in no time at all.

The entire procedure of staff requirement and job search is fundamentally simplified due to our advanced and cutting-edge search engine, thousands of people, both employers and office-seekers, registered at the web-site, and dozens of highly qualified staff members who are committed to doing their job for a full due.

We are a dedicated team of professionals aimed at making your client base and work experience grow and at the same time helping you to grow in value. And although assets are all too often are handled carelessly, we respect our clients and believe that a customer is the most valuable asset we have.


CareerBuilder Launches New Candidate Sourcing Platform That Solves Big Recruitme CareerBuilder and its technologists from Broadbean have officially unveiled a new solution that will help solve three of the biggest challenges HR leaders face and completely remodel recruitment


How To Measure and Increase Performance Across Teams Its not about individuals. Its about teams.

How often do you hear this mentioned whether on the sports field or in the workplace?


As the IT staffing crisis continues, the hybrid workforce model offers a way for The latest Private Sector Employment Indictor (PSEI) figures being released today are expected to highlight the increasing role of the private sector in driving the British economic recovery. Responsibility now rests firmly on the shoulders of private sector businesses to ensure that they can supply the growth of which the UK is still in need.

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